We are effective, determined, and efficient in developing strategies against piracy and counterfeiting. We are characterized by our proactivity in identifying violations, our investigative skills, our interdisciplinary approach, and our strategic vision. We provide efficient services that allow our clients to protect their intangible assets without generating excessive costs while discouraging the infringement of their rights. We take legal actions, consumer protection complaints, regulatory infringement complaints, criminal suits, border measures, arbitration and, in general, all available legal tools. However, we stand out for our flexibility. Our goal is to protect our clients’s interests and align ourselves with their strategy and business approach, as we clearly know that a proper strategy to fight piracy and counterfeiting has as its objective to protect and increase the value of our clients’ assets and the potential to turn offenders into clients.

Our results speak for themselves. Our clients include small, medium and large businesses from the software, pharmaceutical, liquors, perfumes, clothing, and footwear industries, among others. We have a national reach and are able to help our clients all over the territory while other can only reach one or two of the main cities.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals specialized in fighting piracy and counterfeiting with extensive experience in defending our clients’ intellectual property rights. Unlike the general approach required by lawsuits, administrative litigation, or arbitration, efforts against piracy and counterfeiting need a commercial and strategic perspective that goes beyond obtaining favorable judgements. Our piracy and counterfeiting team addresses that particular need.

Our Work

Our work begins with preparing a strategy that suits the client and their business approach. In its implementation, we try to include affected product security assessment. We carefully examine the particular characteristics that determine how original a product is or appropriate licensing of a software piece, and then contact various judicial authorities, informing them of the distinct security features of the assets we protect.

Our team has qualified staff to conduct research on different markets, border areas, and national ports. Similarly, we work with various judicial authorities to strengthen procedures and get better results.

DLikewise, we are able to operate in all main cities of Colombia and the region with thorough knowledge of ports and of the way civil and criminal judicial authorities work; authorities who handle administrative actions or complaints.

J. Felipe Acosta

Director IP Litigation & ADR

Camilo Bernal

Antipiracy & Anticounterfeiting Area Coordinator

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