OlarteMoure is the only law firm with an Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting Department. It is made up of a team of specialised professionals with experience in defending the Intellectual Property rights of our clients. Our team has the qualified personnel to carry out investigations in the different markets, border areas and national ports.

What we do

We provide efficient services that allow our clients to take care of their intangible assets without generating disproportionate costs and at the same time discourage infringement of their rights.

Our work begins with the development of a strategy tailored to the client's business vision. In its execution, we try to carry out a security study of the products concerned. We train in the particular characteristics that determine the originality of a product or the appropriate licensing and then train the different judicial authorities, making them aware of the different security characteristics of the assets we protect in order to strengthen the procedures and obtain better results.

We use court actions, consumer protection complaints, regulatory infringement complaints, criminal complaints, border measures, conciliations and, in general, all available legal tools.

However, our main characteristic is flexibility, we aim to satisfy our clients' interests and align with their business strategy and vision because we are aware that a proper anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting strategy aims to protect and increase the value of our clients' assets and the potential to generate new clients where previously there were infringers.

Remarkable features

We have the capacity to act in the main cities of Colombia and the region, with unsurpassed knowledge of the ports and the way in which the civil and criminal judicial authorities that hear the administrative actions or complaints that we file operate.

Our results speak for themselves. Our clients include small, medium and large companies in the software, pharmaceutical, food, liquor, perfume, clothing, footwear, and many more industries.

We are efficient, aggressive and effective in the development of anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting strategies. We are characterised by our proactivity in identifying infringements, our investigative capabilities, our interdisciplinary approach and our strategic vision.

J. Felipe Acosta

Litigation and ADR Director

Camilo Bernal

Antipiracy and Anticounterfeiting Coordinator

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