14 December, 2021

Infographic | Stay up to date on Market Law

Some key topics are fundamental to our practice, here we gathered some insight from our associates.
17 November, 2021

Thinking about your audiovisual project being produced in Latin America?

There is a boom of production of Live Action, Animation, and other formats of motion pictures in Latin America.
28 October, 2021

Pharma & Medical Device Regulation – Lexology GTDT 2022

Come and check the latest pharma and medical device regulation 2022 publication for Lexology
21 October, 2021

Trademarks – Lexology GTDT 2022

Come and check the latest trademarks 2022 publication for Lexology.
11 October, 2021

How to Incorporate Privacy by Design Into Your Business

If you have a business, you will have to deal, one way or another, with user data. Come and read how to make it simply.
16 September, 2021

Litigation Under COVID 19 in Colombia

Litigation in Colombia has been no exception to the COVID 19 crisis. Decree 806 of 2020 forced us to transform our traditional justice system into a virtual one.
2 September, 2021

Infographic | What is privacy by design?

We have designed this infographic so it's easier to understand the seven pillars of data protection.
10 August, 2021

How to Prevent Litigation When Producing Series or Movies in Colombia

Are you interested in producing movies or series in Colombia? While avoiding litigations? This article might be what you have been looking for.
7 July, 2021

Ranking Benchmark

7 July, 2021

IAM 1000 Ranking

IAM 1000 recognized Olartemoure in some of his categories, like golden band and silver band.
23 June, 2021

Infographic | The 010 Colombian Healthcare Bill

8 June, 2021

Patents – Lexology (GTDT) 2021

Joins us reading the latest patents publication 2021 for Lexology.
31 May, 2021

OECD Competition Open Day 2021: What is the role of competition authorities in promoting economic recovery?

The economic toll of the COVID-19 crisis has not been trivial to any country. There are, however, countries that have received a stronger financial impact than […]
21 May, 2021

Anti-piracy: Tips for making physical and online enforcement easier

11 May, 2021

Colombian Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines and Medicines for COVID-19, ¿How does it work?

Decree 1787 of 2020 from MoH contains the guidelines to assess chemical and biological synthesis drugs which due to its potential use in the treatment of […]
16 March, 2021

Infographic | Anticounterfeiting and Antipiracy in a digital era in Colombia

25 February, 2021

Infographic | What’s in the Entrepreneurship Act. ACT 2069 OF 2020

17 February, 2021

Cartel Regulation in Colombia – Lexology (GTDT)

We invite you to come and check the cartel regulation in Colombia publication.
4 February, 2021

Infographic | Colombia: Overview of the recent and upcoming changes in the Healthcare Landscape 2020-2021

2 February, 2021

Is Commercial Agency Litigation in Colombia over?

Commercial agency contracts’ regulation in Colombia remains a challenge for both attorneys and clients. Colombian Commercial Code defines Commercial Agency as a contract by means of […]