17 November, 2021

Thinking about your audiovisual project being produced in Latin America?

There is a boom of production of Live Action, Animation, and other formats of motion pictures in Latin America.
8 June, 2021

Patents – Lexology (GTDT) 2021

Joins us reading the latest patents publication 2021 for Lexology.
14 May, 2020

¿How to prevent conflicts related to movies or series recorded in Colombia without sacrificing creativity while trying to?

The Clearance of audiovisual works, in a common misinterpretation, is revising scripts, movies, or series along with creators, and telling them that they must remove all […]
5 May, 2020

WEBINAR | Competition Law in Challenging Times: Response of the UK and EU Authorities

7 January, 2020

Current issues worldwide on the Cannabis business

The growing Cannabis business is not being matched by worldwide regulation. Governments seem reluctant to issue comprehensive or consistent rules for the industry. Unlike in other […]
10 December, 2019

Brands and Environmental Awareness: an unexplored yet attractive path

Geographical Indications (from now on GIs or GI depending on the context) have always existed as a simple reference to products that come from a particular […]
12 November, 2019

Criminal and Civil Litigation in Industrial Property – Colombia: When to use it?

Colombia has a history of protecting Industrial Property rights through civil and criminal remedies. Its unitary (non-federal) political system, even if decentralized and as a member […]
4 October, 2019

Infographic | Our client’s trademarks in Colombia’s Top of Mind

23 August, 2019

United States – Venezuela: US Treasury Department grants General License No. 27

The United States Department of the Treasury granted License No. 27 authorizing transactions in connection with patent, trademark, copyright or other form of intellectual property protection in […]
21 August, 2019

Colombia: Government signs new deal for further developing Colombia’s innovation-driven Orange Economy

In recent days, the government signed a new deal for further fostering the innovation-driven Orange Economy, aiming to promote creative industries in the country,  and encouraging the growth […]
20 August, 2019

Colombia: OlarteMoure opens new office in Cali

Driven by innovation as our main passion and always endorsing public and private regional initiatives aiming to boost the development of Colombia’s Pacific region through the […]
23 July, 2019

Mexico: Circuit Court grants compensation equivalent to damages, plus 40% of the infringing product sales as punitive damages

A Mexican Circuit Court recently used Article 221bis of the Mexican Industrial Property Law known as “the 40% rule” to grant  compensation comparable to punitive damages in the […]
11 July, 2019

Addressing trademark infringement and misuses in Social Media

Social media has become an important tool to connect with one another and as a means to promote one’s business ideas.  Visibility of products or services […]
4 July, 2019

Blockchain and Intellectual Property

The concept behind blockchain is simple and that is what makes it a threat or an enormous opportunity for the world as we perceive and know […]
6 June, 2019

Argentina: Government Issues New Regulatory Decree Regarding Industrial Designs

On 9 May 2019, the Argentinian Patent Office issued Decree 353 of 2019,in which regulation of Decree-Law No. 6673/63 on registration of industrial models and designs was […]
29 May, 2019

Dominican Republic: Intellectual Property: Official fees increase

The Dominican Republic Intellectual Property Office announced the new official fee schedule for IP applications would be effective 2 May 2019. These rates had not been […]
22 May, 2019

Colombia: Colombian congress approves Financial technology license fast track

On May 2nd, Colombian senate decided to adopt the National Development Plan (NDP) document allowing conditional licenses for the Financial technology industry needing to conduct supervised financial activity. […]
21 May, 2019

Venezuela: New Intellectual Property fees

According to information provided by our agents, Venezuela has a new method of payment for Intellectual Property government fees. Payments can now be made in euros […]
7 May, 2019

Colombia: United States has removed Colombia from the USTR’s Priority Watch List

On 25 April 2019, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released its annual“Special 301 Report”, which contains the United States Priority Watch List in […]
6 May, 2019

Colombia: Bill proposes creating permanent obligation for pharma patent applicants and owners to disclose INNs. Non-compliance could mean fines of up to USD 1.5 M

On 19 March 2019, Senator Richard Aguilar filed a proposal to add an article to Bill No. 311 of 2019 (National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2022), forcing pharmaceutical patent […]