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24 May, 2024
all about wine
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Let’s raise our glasses to the fascinating world of wine! Behind every bottle, there’s an intellectual property voyage. Today we travel through vineyards and vintages to celebrate National Wine Day.

What’s in
a Label?

The bottle’s label includes the winery’s name and the Denomination of Origin, ensuring that the wine complies with specific geographical and quality conditions.
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In Chile, 85% of the grapes
must come from the
defined origin to mention
the DO on the label.

Marks of Quality:
Denominations of Origin (DOs)

DOs are like a wine’s birth certificate, indicating its geographic origin and ensuring quality.


Rioja wines must age
in barrels for at least
12 months.

The Vineyard

You can also trademark the vineyards from which
the bottle comes, as well as their services, as they
offer a unique experience.

The Bottle

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The bottle’s shape is generally
not protected unless it has a
novel, original design.

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However, those distinctive
labels are protected under
industrial design laws.

Patent Possibilities
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Wine recipes aren’t patented
because they must be completely
new and unique.

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Traditional recipes evolve
but aren’t considered novel
enough for patents.

EU Trademarks
Wines can be registered as trademarks in the EU for alcoholic beverages.
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Amelia Chardonnay 2018 from D.O. Valle del Limarí is a testament to regional quality.

Licensing Opportunities
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Wine brands can be licensed
to other wineries, creating
additional revenue streams.

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Enjoy your favorite wine today,
knowing every sip is backed by
tradition and protection.