Counseling for copyright portfolio management, including structuring, valuing, licensing and sale.

OlarteMoure has a team of lawyers dedicated to providing specialized support and advice to national and foreign clients in matters of Copyright and Entertainment Law, which -thanks to the interdisciplinary work between the different practice areas of the Firm- offers an adequate protection of economic and moral interests of works protected by copyright and related rights.

Our clients not only receive the attention of a lawyer specialised in this area, but also have the support of a team with extensive knowledge in intellectual property matters, derived from a consolidated practice -more than 15 years- in trademark law, innovation, protection/transfer of technology, patents and litigation.

What we do

Our firm offers comprehensive support in: registration of works before the National Directorate of Copyright; legal audits, preparation of concepts, negotiation and construction of agreements, manuals, contracts within the framework of the protection of economic and moral rights of authors; training for marketing and advertising teams of companies; consultancy in image rights, commercial exploitation of personal image; production/co-production contracts, logistics, clearances, licensing; litigation aimed at the protection and/or defence of copyright and related rights of the creative industry.

Remarkable elements

We have advised several companies and led the defence against two investigations carried out by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in matters of Creative Industry and Copyright in Restrictive Practices, representing music publishers and collective management entities. In our practice, we have also successfully accompanied production companies in the development of TV series, specifically in the proper use of emblems, signs and works that require copyright and related rights protection.

Camila Vásquez

Copyright and Entertainment Law Area Coordinator

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