The Plant Varieties Department of OlarteMoure has a Technical-Legal team of 6 outstanding professionals, with in-depth knowledge of technical and legal matters in the field of plant breeders' rights.

The team that OlarteMoure has assembled to serve this practice area allows us to provide sophisticated value-added services including the protection and enforcement of plant breeders' rights and the protection of hybrids in Colombia.

What we do

We have the privilege of representing some of the most locally recognised holders of plant variety portfolios, including the main breeders of roses, coffee, rice, soya, among others, as well as important Colombian Universities, Research Centres and Multinational Companies that research and develop their own technology.

Preparation, filing and monitoring of breeder’s rights certificate applications as well as plant variety patent applications where available. Administrative and civil litigation. Commercialization permits for varieties not subject of protection in some jurisdictions (Hybrids). Counseling for PBR portfolio management, including structuring, valuing, licensing and sale.

Remarkable features

We are members of the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Plant Varieties (CIOPORA).

Liliana Galindo

Patent Litigation Coordinator

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