Our outstanding professionals specializing in regulatory law, corporate and company law, competition and economic criminal law, share their vision of the critical importance of compliance matters within current business structures. We offer our clients, especially those operating in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and agribusiness, an integral and innovative advice in the Colombian legal market, in the prevention, mitigation and management of risks associated with their economic activities.

What we do

Among the diverse high value-added services we provide, we can mention:

• Advice on compliance with the international regulatory framework on anti-corruption practices (UNCAC, FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery Act, applicable OECD Guidelines, etc.) as well as local legislation on the subject.

• Survey of regulatory maps applicable to highly regulated industries, compliance management and Legislative Compliance advice.

• Design and enforcement of ethics and compliance programs, anti-transnational bribery and follow-up plans.

• Due diligence screening

• Design and enforcement of compliance control strategies with third parties and stakeholders.

• Comprehensive risk assessment and management.

• Advice on compliance with protection of personal data legislation and the enforcement of practices with high compliance standards.

• Creation of a scheme to prevent the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing in the real sector, in the face of SARLAFT (System for Risk Management of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism)

• Specialized consultancy in the identification of compliance risks associated with anti-competitive practices.

• Advice for appropriate interaction with public servants, officials and / or government authorities and lobbying activities.

• Accompaniment in audits, both internal and external, and in investigations by the competent supervision and surveillance Institutions.


Our legal practice has provided us with detailed knowledge about the operation of the most highly regulated and complex industries within the Colombian market. Transfering this knowledge to the area of compliance allows us to act as strategic ally of our clients, consolidating our practice under the highest standards.

Catalina Jimenez

Compliance Area Coordinator

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