Having a clear understanding of how compliance plays a key roles in today’s business organizations, OlarteMoure offers its clients, especially those in highly regulated sectors, a comprehensive assessment with see-through perspective of corporate risk focused on prevention and in business sustainability of our clients through effective management of the following areas: anticorruption, prevention of cross-border bribery, privacy, unfair competition, asset laundering, terrorism financing and corporate governance.

Our Compliance practice includes a highly skilled and specialized team of professionals in regulatory affairs, corporate law, unfair competition and antitrust law and financial criminal law. OlarteMoure is widely known for offering an innovative service within the Colombian legal market.

Services rendered

Our team offers consulting in design, turnkey operation, monitoring and management of compliance programs effective from a corporate risk standpoint, by means of:

  • Building an integrity, trustworthy and corporate ethics culture within organizations.
  • Creating, managing, assessing and updating risk and regulatory matrixes.
  • Designing and implementing ethics programs, policy and procedures.
  • Monitoring, controlling and managing compliance programs.
  • Training using performance indicator gauging.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and management.
  • Compliance due diligence.


OlarteMoure has recently been recognized for having a deep understanding of the legal framework and practical know-how regarding the operation of highly regulated and complex sectors in the Colombian marketplace (i.e., pharma and medical devices, crop science, among others). Acting as a strategic ally for several multinational corporations, it has consolidated practical experience in compliance and regulatory consulting, under the most stringent and sophisticated standards. Likewise, our interdisciplinary understanding has allowed us to stand out as one of the leading law firms offering compliance consulting services related to the real sector.

Catalina Jimenez

Compliance and Privacy Director

Martha Gaitán

Chair Compliance and Data Privacy

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