Our approach to litigation is transversal and multidisciplinary. We form teams able to face various challenges (including strategy design, drafting of legal opinions, contract drafting, preparation of lawsuits and representation at hearings) from annulment actions or infringement of small companies’ copyright, to multimillionaire and complex issues before arbitration courts. Due to our distinguishing approach, all members of our Firm tackle the issues they are responsible for, involving conflict or not, with a litigation vision; it means that our strategic and preventive advice aims at avoiding conflicts or resolve them, in case they should arise.

Our Firm has provided support and obtained millionaire compensation for our clients from all industries, and in some cases, it has been the only firm in the region to have succeeded in resolving certain issues. Our litigation methodology is different and grants detail in all our actions; each hearing is prepared using all the experience of our Firm, regardless how simple or complex each case is. This ensures our clients receive not only advice or attention from a single lawyer, but advice from our entire team.

Our Firm provides support on alternative ways of conflict resolution (conciliation, mediation, and arbitration);

Administrative litigation (oppositions, cancellation, investigations for competition restrictive practices or unfair competition);

Criminal economic litigation –White Collar related to Competition and IP crimes- (especially representing owners of corporate secrets of intellectual property goods);

Civil economic litigation (franchises, supply contracts, distribution contracts, permits, assignments, and licenses);

Unfair competition and copyright infringement commercial litigation before Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, or civil judges;

Copyright infringement civil litigation before the Copyright Office and civil judges, as well as national and international arbitration proceedings related to intellectual property, unfair competition or competition restrictive practices.

Similarly, we usually activate international or national untraditional mechanisms such as non-compliance actions before Court of Justice of the Andean Community or actions to enforce constitutional rights, whenever they are needed.

J. Felipe Acosta

Partner | Litigation and ADR Director

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