Ten attorneys with different backgrounds and training in diverse areas of law conduct trademark related work, sharing a common belief: understanding a client´s business is connatural to the type of service we provide. We are not simple trademark agents. We are experts in law and intellectual property with broad vision who offer effective advice on various alternatives of protection of distinctive signs. We research the market industry of our clients and become familiar with their talent and needs. We make certain to align our guidance with our client’s vision and their expansion strategies. Our analysis and advice is comprehensive and thorough, taking into consideration aspects beyond the results of trademark searches.

Our team leaders offer experience in the public and private sector. Some have background in public office, working as members of authorities on trademarks, competition, antitrust and consumer protection. Others offer experience in other countries where they have handled trademark portfolios in the US, Europe and even worldwide. This makes us stand out among our peers.

What we do

We manage trademark portfolios for well recognized companies offering a regional program that includes various allies in Latin America and around the world. We coordinate international activities for our clients offering first level service performed with high quality and efficiency at the lowest possible cost for our client. Our alliance with Thomson Reuters allows us to monitor trademarks around the globe. We also have our own customized monitoring and control platform called T-MAN.

For years we have been known as the firm for complex trademark matters that have involved trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, marketing law and antitrust.

We handle both national and international trademark prosecution via the Madrid Protocol and through agents. We prepare, file and monitor applications, oppositions and cancellation actions, treating the latter with the same care taken in our litigation cases. We conduct clearance searches, infringement analysis, validity and enforceability of IP assets, and freedom to use and promote products and services.

Among the many value-added services that we provide, we offer close advice in the design and selection of a new mark, strategic recommendations for protection and surveillance, "due diligence" analysis, and counseling in trademark portfolio management, including structuring, valuing, licensing and sale of IP assets. We supplement our opinion in some cases with compliance and health registration advice.


We are recognized by our peers as expert trademark litigators with thorough understanding of other related areas, such as competition, antitrust, consumer protection and marketing law. This, accompanied of a broad vision, allows us to provide effective, result oriented services.

María Alejandra Pava

Trademarks Director

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