Our Innovation, Protection, and Transfer practices aim at accomplishing what our clients want in terms of use of their Intellectual Property (IP).

Our Work

OlarteMoure advises and supports our clients in the management of their intangible IP assets, as well in how to protect, use, transfer, and monetize their IP portfolio. We help our clients make informed decisions about their IP assets, their protection and use to increase value and profitability.

Our Offer

Identification, protection strategy (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, and/or trade secrets), transfer, and monetization of IP assets and portfolio. Managing IP intangible assets with OlarteMoure means adding more value to your intangible assets and IP portfolio. Our team has national and international experience with small, medium,and large companies, universities, and research and development institutions in Colombia and abroad.

IT Solutions for your IP

We offer customized IT solutions for our clients so that they can intelligently manage their products and services, as well as their IP portfolio. Our engineers are trained to do complex IP analysis on products, services, and value proposition thereof in order to design and create intelligent solutions.

Sales tactics and strategies for the IP portfolio of our clients in Colombia and abroad, taking various options and using tools to identify what is of value in the market and where it should be commercialized and protected. Our contact network allows us to offer our clients real commercialization of their IP portfolio.

Design of IP policies, manuals, and guides to identify, protect, use, defend, and sell our clients’ intellectual property assets.

Education and training for IP teams and licensing aimed at developing and improving the ability to manage and promote IP portfolios in order to use them effectively in the market.

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