Christian Quintero

Petroleum Engineer Associate

Areas of Practice:

Intellectual Property, Scouting and Intelligence


Bachelor’s in petroleum engineering (2017).


Spanish and English

Christian is a Petroleum Engineer from the National University of Colombia graduated in 2017. He has experience in providing technological services, regulatory analysis and energy markets. He has worked in Innovation Centers promoting the management of intellectual property, technology and innovation for the Colombian business network, through practices of Technology Scouting and Intelligence (VeI).

Also, it has worked on developing, in a collaborative manner, assets with the potential to generate income/value for its clients or beneficiaries; this through interventions, supported by the offer of technological services, laboratories and industry/market knowledge, through VeI practices. These practices progressively improve the beneficiaries’ capacities to innovate in a recurrent and systematic manner, focusing on the planning, management, operation, monitoring and regulation of energy markets, the application of best practice management models and the development of proprietary technology watch, technology, intellectual property and innovation management models for industries, with emphasis on electricity.

Currently he is an associate in the direction of Innovation, Protection and Transfer for OlarteMoure and associates.