27 November, 2019

Colombia: Government issues new policy for digital transformation and artificial intelligence

Colombia recently passed a new National Policy for Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence, aiming to promote the strategic use of digital technologies in the country. The policy […]
21 August, 2019

Colombia: Government signs new deal for further developing Colombia’s innovation-driven Orange Economy

In recent days, the government signed a new deal for further fostering the innovation-driven Orange Economy, aiming to promote creative industries in the country,  and encouraging the growth […]
2 May, 2019

Colombia: Calls for innovation in 2019 for Colombian companies and universities

As part of promoting the innovative ecosystem, calls for innovation were announced, available throughout 2019 for the Bogota Region. The event was organized by the Bogota […]
17 April, 2019

Colombia: Amazon to develop a citizen security app in Medellin

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it will develop an application to improve citizen security in Medellin in partnership with a Colombian urban security company. The application will be […]
15 April, 2019

Colombia: Entrepreneurs who invest in science and technology could receive tax breaks

In fostering science, technology and innovation, the Colombian government approved a COP one billion appropriation in tax benefits for those entrepreneurs who certify investments in these sectors. Companies […]
7 February, 2019

Colombia: Call to participate in the “iNNpulsa” Colombia program

The Business Growth Management Unit of the Colombian Government “INNpulsa” is looking for 30 large and medium-sized companies to participate in the “Mega-i” program. With “Mega-i”, these […]
14 June, 2018

Cuba already allows its citizens to have internet services in their homes

On 1 June 2018, the Cuban Government held the III International Congress of Economic Management and Development, in which it highlighted the progress made in the […]