16 March, 2022

Nutraceuticals in Colombia

In this article we cover the landscape of the regulation for nutraceuticals in Colombia, what is missing and what to expect.
28 October, 2021

Pharma & Medical Device Regulation – Lexology GTDT 2022

Come and check the latest pharma and medical device regulation 2022 publication for Lexology
23 June, 2021

Infographic | The 010 Colombian Healthcare Bill

11 May, 2021

How does the emergency use of COVID-19 medicine work?

In Colombia, Decree 1787 of 2020 from MoH contains the guidelines to assess chemical and biological synthesis drugs which due to its potential use in the […]
4 February, 2021

Infographic | Colombia: Overview of the recent and upcoming changes in the Healthcare Landscape 2020-2021

7 January, 2020

Current issues worldwide on the Cannabis business

The growing Cannabis business is not being matched by worldwide regulation. Governments seem reluctant to issue comprehensive or consistent rules for the industry. Unlike in other […]
2 December, 2019

Dominican Republic: New deadline for adapting and complying with labeling provisions of prepackaged food and beverages

As reported by ULISES CABRERA ABOGADOS, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) issued a new deadline for adapting and complying with the provisions for labeling of […]
2 December, 2019

Colombia: New resolution explains how medical products not included in basic health benefit plan will be paid

On 15 November 2019, the General Social Security Fund Administration (ADRES) issued Resolution 41656 of 2019, through which alternative courses are set for the verification, control, and […]
11 September, 2019

United States: United States District Court orders damages of 2.78 million dollars against the creators of the song “Dark Horse” for plagiarising “Joyful Noise”

On August 1st, the Jury of the United States District Court for the Central District of California ordered damages of 2.78 million dollars against the creators […]
10 September, 2019

Colombia: Council of State rules on admission of an annulment action filed against Resolution setting caps for certain medications

Recently, the Council of State (Colombian Supreme Court for administrative matters) formally admitted an annulment action initiated by a Colombian citizen against Resolution 0243 issued 31 […]
13 August, 2019

Colombia: SIC sanctions pharma corporations for the sale of medications in excess of ceiling prices

On 31 July, the Colombian National Authority on Metrology (SIC) hit pharmaceutical companies for failing to comply with Circular 04 of 2012, issued by the National Commission […]
11 June, 2019

Colombia: Possible amendments to Cannabis regulations for medicinal use

The Ministry of Health presented a bill for amending existing regulations on Cannabis for medicinal purposes. The purpose of the bill is to regulate the evaluation, monitoring […]
14 May, 2019

Colombia: Council of State approves “biosimilar” market entry using alternative way

In September 2014, the government of Colombia issued decree 1782 which would allow the entry of biosimilars to the country, i.e., the biotech “generics”. The decree […]
13 March, 2019

Colombia: National authority confiscates more than 12 thousand units of counterfeit cosmetic products

By means of a press release dated 26 February 2019, the National Authority for Regulatory Affairs in Colombia (INVIMA) reported the confiscation of more than 12 thousand […]
1 March, 2019

Colombia: Russia resumes imports of Colombian beef

The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control of Russia (Rosselkhoznadzor) reported the reactivation of Colombian beef imports, after conducting an audit visit to verify Colombia’s actions […]
26 February, 2019

Colombia: The Colombian Council of State denies request for preliminary injunctions against Decree 2085 of 2002 which regulates the protection of test data

As part of the administrative procedure of Juan C. Pérez against the Nation (Ministry of Health and Social Protection), seeking to declare the annulment of certain […]
15 February, 2019

Colombia: The Office of Regulatory Affairs (SIC) has published two draft resolutions related to Legal Metrology in Colombia

Starting 30 January until 1 March 2019, the Colombian Office of Regulatory Affairs (SIC)will post two projects related to the regulation of metrology in Colombia. These […]
1 February, 2019

Colombia: Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC), national authority for technical regulations and metrology, imposes administrative sanction in excess of COP 1 billion on “Conduit” pipe importers

The authority imposed administrative sanctions on Improelectric Cali S.A.S, Cameleco S.A.S and Mr. Segundo Isaac Peña Hernández, importers of “Conduit”, a metallic pipe for electrical use, based […]
23 January, 2019

Colombia: New Law (1949) modifies the General Social Security System

On 8 January 2019, the Colombian Government enacted Law 1949 of 2019 by means of which the General Social Security Health System was partially reformed. The new […]
12 December, 2018

North America: New agreement between Mexico, United States and Canada

On 30 November 2018, the Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) was signed, which replaces the NAFTA agreement. The next step is congress approval in […]