4 June, 2019

Global: ICANN ruled to continue the assignment proceeding for top level domain name .amazon, despite related disputes over the online term “amazon”

Recently, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ruled to continue with the assignment proceeding for “.amazon”. The decision was issued in favor of the American […]
29 May, 2019

Dominican Republic: Intellectual Property: Official fees increase

The Dominican Republic Intellectual Property Office announced the new official fee schedule for IP applications would be effective 2 May 2019. These rates had not been […]
27 May, 2019

EU: The Official Journal of the European Union published Copyright Directives for online broadcasts and the digital single market

On 17 April the Official Journal of the European Union published directives 2019/789 and 2019/790 that adapt copyright rules to current platforms, including music streaming services, […]
24 May, 2019

Colombia: Attorney General challenges formula to calculate fines for anti-competitive practices

The Colombian Attorney General for public affairs  requested on 6 May before the Constitutional Court that partial unconstitutionality of article 26 of Law 1340 of 2009  (Antitrust Law) […]
23 May, 2019

Colombia: “Emerging Trends in Antitrust Policy and Enforcement: Colombia, Latin America, and Beyond”, one of the most important antitrust forums will be held in Colombia this week

Hotel Las Americas located in Cartagena Colombia hosted on 14 May the PRE-ICN forum “Emerging Trends in Antitrust Policy and Enforcement: Colombia, Latin America, and Beyond”. The […]
22 May, 2019

Colombia: Colombian congress approves Financial technology license fast track

On May 2nd, Colombian senate decided to adopt the National Development Plan (NDP) document allowing conditional licenses for the Financial technology industry needing to conduct supervised financial activity. […]
21 May, 2019

Venezuela: New Intellectual Property fees

According to information provided by our agents, Venezuela has a new method of payment for Intellectual Property government fees. Payments can now be made in euros […]
20 May, 2019

United States: Examination of trademark applications for cannabis and cannabis-derived products

The USPTO issued, on may 2 of 2019, the first guidelines to carry out examinations of cannabis and its derived products for trademark applications. The 2018 Farm Bill, […]
17 May, 2019

Brazil: Industrial Design Guideline first edition was disclosed by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO).

The Guideline looks to inform users of the BPTO’s internal procedures for design applications. For the first time in Brazil, users will have a concise document explaining how […]
16 May, 2019

Colombia: Buildings and condominiums must comply with domestic regulation regarding Data Protection

Once again, the Colombian Data Protection Authority (SIC) reminds buildings and condominiums they must comply with Data Protection rules, due to the fact that they are […]
15 May, 2019

Peru: Congress approves Law to control corporate M&A.

Peruvian Congress approved last Thursday, in a first voting round and waiving a second voting round, a bill seeking the regulation of M&As. The new regulation is […]
14 May, 2019

Colombia: Council of State approves “biosimilar” market entry using alternative way

In September 2014, the government of Colombia issued decree 1782 which would allow the entry of biosimilars to the country, i.e., the biotech “generics”. The decree […]
13 May, 2019

United States: Amazon tests Program to Combat Patent Infringement

As recently reported by different mass media outlets, Amazon is testing an alternative program to resolve patent infringement disputes, far away from local court jurisdictions. The new […]
10 May, 2019

Italy: The shape of the Vespa Motorcycle is protected in Italy as a three-dimensional trademark

Court of Appeals of Torino, by ruling No. 677/2019 ratified on 16 April the protection of the shape of the Vespa motorcycle as a three-dimensional mark, […]
9 May, 2019

Mexico: New Health Law Proposal Would Limit Mexican Patent Linkage System

Mexico’s Senate recently published in its official Gazette a proposal to modify the Mexican Health Law, seeking to reduce the scope of the linkage system with respect […]
8 May, 2019

European Union: Two major car manufacturers joined an antitrust complaint against Nokia

Continental and Valeo, two of the most relevant companies in the European car parts market, have joined an antitrust complaint initiated against Nokia before the European Commission […]
7 May, 2019

Colombia: United States has removed Colombia from the USTR’s Priority Watch List

On 25 April 2019, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released its annual“Special 301 Report”, which contains the United States Priority Watch List in […]
6 May, 2019

Colombia: Bill proposes creating permanent obligation for pharma patent applicants and owners to disclose INNs. Non-compliance could mean fines of up to USD 1.5 M

On 19 March 2019, Senator Richard Aguilar filed a proposal to add an article to Bill No. 311 of 2019 (National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2022), forcing pharmaceutical patent […]
2 May, 2019

Colombia: Calls for innovation in 2019 for Colombian companies and universities

As part of promoting the innovative ecosystem, calls for innovation were announced, available throughout 2019 for the Bogota Region. The event was organized by the Bogota […]
30 April, 2019

Europe: EPO publishes report of the event “Patenting Blockchain”

The EPO has published the “Talking about a new revolution: blockchain” report as a follow-up to the “Patenting Blockchain” conference held in The Hague last year, in order to discuss […]