Colombia: Government signs new deal for further developing Colombia’s innovation-driven Orange Economy

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In recent days, the government signed a new deal for further fostering the innovation-driven Orange Economy, aiming to promote creative industries in the country,  and encouraging the growth of related production chains.

The Deal is built on seven strategic goals including: (i) the generation of adequate information for the development of the orange economy; (ii) strengthening of the institutional environment for the consolidation of the orange economy; (iii) the use of government funding to enhance the development of creative industries; (iv) the design of creative agendas for local governments; (v) the integration between the orange economy, international markets and other productive sectors; (vi) the incorporation of human capital in the orange economy; and (vii) the promotion of Intellectual Property as the structural pillar of creative industries in Colombia.

Undoubtedly, the strategic goals included in the Deal clearly show the government’s ongoing non-stop interest in fostering the orange economy in Colombia, not only to strengthen creative industries, but also the integration with other sectors.