29 October, 2018

Colombia: Trademark Office protects ancestral practices of the Colombian Pacific coast and cancels the Viche del Pacífico trademark

On 12 October 2018, the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC in Spanish), through Resolution Nº 77612, cancelled the registration of VICHE DEL PACIFICO trademark as it is a […]
3 August, 2018

Colombia and Argentina signed agreement to facilitate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for chemical synthesis drugs

On 19 July 2018, the Regulatory Authorities of Colombia and Argentina signed an agreement in order to facilitate the exchange of GMP certificates for chemical synthesis drugs, allowing […]
2 August, 2018

Colombia: New Copyright Act is signed

On 12 July 2018, Copyright Act 1915 of 2018 was signed by the Colombian Government, by which copyright legislation is updated. The new legislation sets Colombian authors, artists, performers and […]
31 July, 2018

Colombia signed Decree simplifying health registration procedures for products manufactured from plants, including cannabis

On 6 July 2018, Colombia signed Decree 1156/2018.  The Decree simplifies the health registration regime for phytotherapeutic products, incorporates new international references, and sets guidelines for its issue. […]
30 July, 2018

Google hit with €4.3 billion fine from the European Commission

On 18 July 2018, Google was fined with a €4.34 billion (USD$ 5.078 billion) by the European Commission, for abuse of dominant position through its operating system […]
15 June, 2018

European Union sued China before WTO for allegedly TRIPS Agreement infringement

On 1 June 2018, the European Union (EU) filed a lawsuit against China before the World Trade Organization (WTO), for alleged violations of the Agreement on Trade-Related […]
14 June, 2018

Cuba already allows its citizens to have internet services in their homes

On 1 June 2018, the Cuban Government held the III International Congress of Economic Management and Development, in which it highlighted the progress made in the […]
13 June, 2018

China extends pharma patents protection to 25 years

According to Nikkei Asian Review -and in a measure that seems aimed at diverting criticism from the United States about intellectual property violations-, on 29 May 2018, China […]
12 June, 2018

Colombia: Government make available USD $2.4 million to support I+D projects

On 25 May 2018 -and by means of a credit line and a public call-, the National Learning Service (SENA in Spanish) and the Colombian Authority for the Promotion […]
7 June, 2018

Congress of Colombia studies unification of Civil and Commerce Law Codes

Currently, the Lower Chamber (House of Representatives) of the Colombian Congress debates a Bill that proposes the unification of the Civil Code (sanctioned on 26 May 1873) and […]
6 June, 2018

Brazil now has a fast-track exam for pharmaceutical patents

On 8 May 2018, the Brazilian Patent Office (INPI in Portuguese) issued Resolution 217/2018, which modifies Resolution 80 of 2013 and introduces changes in the fast or fast-track examination […]
5 June, 2018

Colombian Congress approved new Law on Copyright: pending Presidential Sanction for its entry into force

On 22 May 2018, the Colombian Congress approved a Bill updating the current legislation on copyright and related rights. According to the Colombian Copyright Office (DNDA in […]
26 January, 2018

OM Weekly Digest (26-01-2018)

.. COLOMBIA | Corporate Law, Antitrust | Colombian Antitrust Authority approves Bayer-Monsanto merger The Colombian Antitrust Authority (SIC in Spanish) approved the economic concentration between Colombian subsidiaries of Bayer-Monsanto […]
19 January, 2018

OM Weekly Digest (19-01-2018)

.. COLOMBIA | Patents, Regulatory | Declaration of Public Interest for Hepatitis-C antivirals in Colombia begins: some pharmaceutical companies have already been notified Further to the OM Weekly Digest […]
12 January, 2018

OM Weekly Digest (12-01-2018)

.. COLOMBIA | Trademarks, Patents | Suspension of procedures by problems in the Colombian Patent and Trademark Office Digital Platform Due to problems in the Digital Platform (SIPI in Spanish) […]
1 January, 2018

OM Weekly Digest (05-01-2018)

.. COLOMBIA | Patents, Regulatory | Colombia starts a Declaration of Public Interest Procedure (seeking a Compulsory License) for Hepatitis C antivirals By means of Resolution 5146/2017, the Colombian Ministry […]
22 December, 2017

OM Weekly Digest (22-12-2017)

.. COLOMBIA | Anti-counterfeiting, Copyright | Piracy of Books and Software in Colombia generates losses of 300 million dollars per year According to the BSA | The Software Alliance latest report -as well […]
7 December, 2017

OM Weekly Digest (07-12-2017)

.. COLOMBIA | Intellectual Property | Colombia will encourage innovation in the Agricultural Sector On 29 November 2017, the Congress of Colombia approved a Bill implementing an innovation program in […]
1 December, 2017

OM Weekly Digest (01-12-2017)

.. BRAZIL, CHINA | Patents | Brazil and China signs a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) On 13 November 2017, the Patent Offices of Brazil (INPI in Portuguese) and China (SIPO) signed […]
24 November, 2017

OM Weekly Digest (24-11-2017)

.. VENEZUELA | Patents | Venezuela would reform its Patent Law to facilitate production of generic medicines On 14 November 2017, the Government of Venezuela stated that it […]