Protecting information, how are organizations doing?
November 17 2023
information protection

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce has unveiled the results of the report on Security Measures in the Processing of Personal Data conducted on March 31, 2023. The report, which has been conducted annually since 2019, aims to analyze the status of the security measures implemented by organizations nationwide, based on the information submitted by obligated entities to the National Database Registry, overseen by this authority. Some of the most interesting aspects of the study include:

  • number oneThe number of organizations that carried out the registration of their databases increased from 32,763 to 34,402.
  • number two61% of entities have not implemented a comprehensive personal data management program or an information security management system.

    Data management

  • number three64.9% of companies have not implemented an audit procedure for information systems.
  • number four54% of entities have no security controls in the outsourcing of data processing services.
  • number five42% of organizations have not implemented risk management tools.
  • number six44.3% of organizations lack procedures for dealing with personal data breaches.

These issues, together with the absence of other relevant security measures outlined in the report, may be the cause of the current boom in data breaches affecting different entities in the country.

The report, which provides details on the percentage of organizations that do not comply with certain security measures, demonstrates that there are multiple opportunities for improvement in how companies located in Colombia focus their efforts to ensure the protection of personal information under their control or management.