AI legislation in Colombia
November 24 2023
AI legislation
Last November 14, Bill 059 of 2023, which seeks to establish the legal guidelines for the development, use and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Colombia, was approved in the first debate of the Sixth Commission of the Senate.

It is an initiative that intends to create a policy of data protection and protection of intellectual property of individuals, a code of ethics for the use of artificial intelligence, and a requirement to register with the Ministry of Science, Techonoly and Innovation, any proposal related to this matter.

Several senators expressed that, although it is a positive tool as it may increase the efficiency of proceedings and companies, limitations and regulations must be established by the competent authorities for the use of artificial intelligence, otherwise, irreversible damages and even criminal offenses may be generated by its misuse.

The Bill was approved with nine votes, and three more debates are pending. If approved, it will be enacted into law.