27 November, 2019

Colombia: Authority files administrative order against Rappi and initiates formal investigation

Consumer protection authority orders RAPPI to comply with consumer protection and e-commerce rules, given more than 750,000 complaints and claims were filed between April and October 2018 from […]
13 August, 2019
OlarteMoure - Autoridad Colombiana en Metrología - Colombia

Colombia: SIC sanctions pharma corporations for the sale of medications in excess of ceiling prices

On 31 July, the Colombian National Authority on Metrology (SIC) hit pharmaceutical companies for failing to comply with Circular 04 of 2012, issued by the National Commission […]
19 June, 2019
OlarteMoure - Corte Costitucional -

Colombia: Constitutional Court allows inspections performed by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and the Superintendence of Corporations

The Constitutional Court recently unveiled a court decision (C – 165 of 2019) clarifying and reaffirming the inspection and surveillance duties performed by the Superintendence of Industry and […]
12 March, 2019

Peru: Public transport and users request compensation after collusion in the Gas Vehicle Market.

On 22 February 2019, the Peruvian Competition Office issued a bulletin reporting that the Peruvian Mass Transport Workers Union and the Consumers Association will request compensation in consequence […]
11 March, 2019

Colombia: New decree will protect new home buyers

The Decree 282 of 2019 forces building developers and/or owners to establish collateral warranties covering all risk of latent structural defects in the 10 years after properties are […]
8 March, 2019

Colombia: National Authority on consumer protection (SIC) signs cooperation agreement to strengthen consumer rights on public transport

The National Authority on Consumer Protection (SIC) signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen citizen rights who use public transport. This initiative seeks to reinforce Colombia’s equality and legality […]
25 February, 2019

Colombia: Colombian National Authority for Consumer Protection (SIC) specifies their stance on evident mistakes and price publication

The SIC for the first time did not convict a businessman to maintain a price published by mistake, or impose administrative sanctions, even though the authority […]
17 January, 2019

Colombia – Virgin Mobile Colombia S.A.S. is ordered to abstain from issuing and disclosing advertising campaigns that violate fundamental rights

On 21 December 2018, the Consumer Protection Office ordered Virgin Mobile Colombia S.A.S. to immediately abstain from issuing and disseminating advertising campaigns that violate fundamental rights, such […]
14 January, 2019

Brazil: Brazil creates the National Authority for Data Protection and National Policy for the security of information in the federal administration

On December 26 and 27, 2018, the Government of Brazil enacted Provisional Measure # 869/2018, which creates the National Protection Data Authority (NPDA), a regulatory body […]
29 November, 2018

Peru: Indecopi reminds merchants that price rounding must be in favor of consumers for cash payments

On 16 November 2018, the Peruvian Consumer Protection Office (Indecopi in Spanish) stated that in light of the Central Reserve Bank’s (BCR in Spanish) disposition to […]
20 November, 2018

Regulatory: Chile | Study reveals that Food Law has no significant effect on chocolate or candy consumption

The Food Law was enacted in Chile in 2015 and came into force in 2016.  This law seeks to provide clearer and intelligible information to consumers […]
31 May, 2018

EU’s GDPR: on the eve of its entry into force, Mark Zuckerberg met with the European Parliament

On 22 May 2018, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) attended the European Parliament, in order to answer the questions posed by several representatives of the European Union (EU) […]
15 March, 2018

European Commission investigates Visa for allegedly excessive charges to tourists who use their credit cards in the European Union

On 27 February 2018, Visa has been battling accusations that it charges tourists excessive fees when they use their cards in the European Union.  In the next […]
27 February, 2018

Peruvian Antitrust Authority introduced antidumping measures to Chinese Companies in the zipper market

On 19 February 2018, the Peruvian Antitrust Authority (INDECOPI in Spanish) imposed antidumping duties on zipper imports and its original parts that are produced in China, after […]
16 February, 2018

Peruvian Consumer Rights Authority would sanction Cencosud for importing canned goods with parasites

On February 6 2018, the Peruvian Consumer Rights Authority (INDECOPI in Spanish) initiated an administrative proceeding against Cencosud –a Chilean retailer with important market share in […]
18 May, 2006

Peru: if You go to the Supermarket, Take Your Piggybank

As in many countries, in Peru it has become commonplace for consumer’s rights protection associations to question the merchant practice of rounding cents (e.g.  if your […]
4 June, 2004

Decision in Action for Defense of Colective Rights on Pesticides and Public Health

In an important ruling dated May 27, the State Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca issued a first stance decision in an action for defense collective rights (“Acción […]