Consumer relationship guide
December 07 2023
consumer relationship guide

Last month, the SIC launched the “Guide on sexual diversity and gender approach and identity in consumer relations”; which aims to promote the protection of consumer rights from a non-discrimination perspective. Its importance lies in projecting the rights of the Consumer Statute in contexts that involve the equality of vulnerable people based on gender, gender identity and sexual diversity.

It instructs entrepreneurs to apply due diligence to avoid discriminatory practices, fostering consumer relations respectful of human dignity and human rights.

Among its main recommendations are:

  • $Not to include discriminatory or sexist messages based on gender stereotypes in advertising.
  • $To have customer service mechanisms with a differential approach due to the vulnerability of women and people of the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • $Do not unjustifiably deny access to products or services or give different treatment to a consumer based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.
The materialization of these recommendations can be seen, for example, in understanding that cosmetic products can be used by an audience beyond the female, that any kind of toy can be used by girls and boys regardless of their gender, among others.