10 December, 2019

Brands and Environmental Awareness: an unexplored yet attractive path

Geographical Indications (from now on GIs or GI depending on the context) have always existed as a simple reference to products that come from a particular […]
6 June, 2019
OlarteMoure - Diseños Industriales - Argentina

Argentina: Government Issues New Regulatory Decree Regarding Industrial Designs

On 9 May 2019, the Argentinian Patent Office issued Decree 353 of 2019,in which regulation of Decree-Law No. 6673/63 on registration of industrial models and designs was […]
28 January, 2019

European union: McDonald’s loses EU trademark for “Big Mac”

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) cancelled the McDonald’s exclusive use of the “Big Mac” trademark around Europe. The EUIPO ruled that McDonald´s had not proven […]
25 January, 2019

United States: Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Operating Status During Government Shutdown

During the last days, United States have experienced a Federal Government shutdown. This will continue until the Government finds a solution.  However, the United States Patent […]