Superintendent of Industry and Commerce position
February 10 2023
superintendent position
Last Monday, February 6, the Government launched the call for the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce position, which will be open until Friday, February 10 at 5:00 pm. Through its official website, all interested persons were invited to submit their resumes in order to integrate the list of candidates from which the President will appoint the highest administrative authority in matters of competition, industrial property and consumer law

According to the regulation, the following are the necessary requirements to be a candidate for this call: (i) Professional degree and postgraduate degree in the form of master’s or doctorate in areas related to the functions of the job and, (ii) Ten years of professional experience related to the functions of the position to be performed. It should be noted that this is an extremely important call for the Country, as it represents the election of a regular Superintendent, who will be in charge of the institution during the remaining time of the Petro Government.