31 May, 2021

What is the role of competition authorities in promoting economic recovery?

The economic toll of the COVID-19 crisis has not been trivial to any country. There are, however, countries that have received a stronger financial impact than […]
2 February, 2021

Is Commercial Agency Litigation in Colombia over?

Commercial agency contracts’ regulation in Colombia remains a challenge for both attorneys and clients. Colombian Commercial Code defines Commercial Agency as a contract by means of […]
20 May, 2020

Andean Community Court rules on the interpretation of Articles 5 and 7 of Decision 608

The Court of Justice of the Andean Community (CJAC) analyzed the scope of articles 5 and 7 of Decision 608 amidst a preliminary judicial interpretation requested by a […]
7 June, 2018

Congress of Colombia studies unification of Civil and Commerce Law Codes

Currently, the Lower Chamber (House of Representatives) of the Colombian Congress debates a Bill that proposes the unification of the Civil Code (sanctioned on 26 May 1873) and […]