Our drafting and writing practices offer our clients sound support in the preparation of the document that will end up protecting their invention’s product. Our writers are able to use all technologies and work together and collaboratively with inventors to produce the strongest possible document in order to protect the invention as a whole. Our drafting and writing standards meet the requirements of the most sophisticated worldwide offices, including USPTO and EPO.

What Makes us Different?

Our patent writers are people with skills and knowledge of all technical aspects and standards concerning the patent system.

In patent drafting, the most common mistakes happen when the technical staff (engineers and other professionals that handle invention patents) write applications believing that they are merely technical documents, using purely scientific terms and disregarding the particular requirements of such documents within the patent system. This also happens when inexperienced legal counsellors draft patents as they load documents with legal terms and overlooking the necessary technical discussion. In both cases, this results in patents that are limited in scope and without sufficient and adequate protection.

Our Writers

Our expert team of patent writers is made up of patent specialists with technical expertise and competence regarding the patent system, as well as having intellectual ability and the understanding that allows them to undertake the tasks of drafting patents in many technological fields.

Proceedings and Litigation

Our drafting and writing team works closely with our proceedings and litigation team, always sharing experiences that permanently enrich writing practices.

Mónica Guevara

Patents Director

Adrián Santamaría

Patents Project Manager

Juliana Arroyave

Patent Search and Drafting Coordinator

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