Colombia: Trademark office grants third all-time motion trademark

In October, the Colombian Trademark Office by means of Resolution No. 50720, granted the registration of the third motion trademark in Colombia to Gaseosas Colombiana S.A.S. This mark consists of “a person holding a liquid container with their right hand and slowly approaching her chest until touching the container with her chest” and identifies products such as beer, non-alcoholic beverages, spring water, among others in class 32 as well as bar, coffee shop and restaurant services in class 43 of the Nice Classification.

Previously, the only motion marks registered in Colombia were the “todo bien” (thumbs up) hand gesture granted in 2016 to el Pibe Valderrama, former soccer player, and a hand gesture consisting of the introduction of the index finger in a ring-shaped cookie creamy center, granted in 2013 to Nestlé.

Motion trademarks are a type of non-traditional mark that consist of the representation of a sequence of images that have the ability to identify a product or service and a specific business origin. For its registration, all motion trademark applications must include the sequence of images and a written description.

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