Secrets of creative minds

14 September, 2023
secrets of creative minds
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Learn from the past practices of these creative minds and celebrate International Creativity Day with inspiration and a passion for innovation!
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Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs integrated meditation into his daily routine.

His meditation practice, which included techniques like “open-monitoring training,” nurtured divergent thinking.

This process allowed him to cultivate a plethora of fresh ideas, a vital aspect of creative innovation.
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Leonardo da Vinci

Have a notebook at hand!
Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance genius, carried a notebook of ideas and observations everywhere.
He constantly took notes of his thoughts and ideas for future projects.
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Coco Chanel

Experiment freely!
Coco Chanel, the iconic designer, defied fashion norms by experimenting with no fear in her clothing choices.
She would pair Balsan’s open-collared shirts and tweed jackets with her own wardrobe, often adding a men’s straw hat for a distinctive touch.
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Albert Einstein

Remain curious
Albert Einstein, the father of the theory of relativity, used to approach complex and abstract problems with an open and flexible mind.
He often said, “I have no special talents, but I am deeply curious.”
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Maya Angelou

A dictionary, Thesaurus, or the Bible are sources of inspiration
Maya Angelou, the acclaimed poet and author, always kept a Bible close at hand.
In an interview with The Paris Review, she expressed her deep appreciation for the musical and wonderful language found in the interpretations and translations of the Judaic Bible and the Christian Bible.
She also kept a thesaurus and a dictionary readily accessible to nurture her creative process.