ADR mechanisms for business
September 15 2023
ADR mechanisms for business

The Center of Arbitration of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce published the recent statistics for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR). The statistics provide insight and valuable data for users to analyze, reassuring the efficiency of ADR for resolving disputes outside of the traditional courtroom system.

Figures also reveal the increase in the use of different ADR services that can be used separately, successively, or combined with other dispute resolution procedures. During 2022 and the first semester of 2023, the Center registered 480 new domestic arbitration cases, 7181 mediations, and 43 expert determination requests.

Regarding the nature of the disputes, commercial and construction disputes continue to generate the largest number of cases. However, controversies related to intellectual property, telecommunications, corporate and shareholder disputes raised as more parties seek ADR for effective forums to resolve their differences.

Newly registered cases covered a wide range of sectors, including business services, chemicals, general trade and distribution, food and beverage, health/pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, industrial equipment and services, media and publishing, telecommunications/specialized technologies, textiles/clothing, leisure and entertainment.

The statistics assert the relevance of ADR in business disputes as a cost-efficient, flexible, and expedited mechanism for corporations to resolve or settle their controversies.

Source in Spanish.