EU Digital markets act
November 04 2022
digital markets act

On 01 November 2022, the European Union’s Digital Markets Act came into force. The purpose of this new regulation is for companies, who act as online platform gatekeepers, to stop committing unfair market practices.   

This law defines what type of online platform may be called a “gatekeeper”, who are a key gateway between commercial middlemen and consumers, and who are in a sufficiently dominant position to have the power to act as private standard setters, and hence manipulating the digital economy.

This new regulation mandates tech giants, among others: (i) not to unfairly push their own products or services in search results above other competitors; (ii) not to use data collected from competitors’ activities on their platforms to better target the promotion of their own products or services; and (iii) not to track consumer web activity for targeted advertising without their explicit consent.