Delays in online sales delivery dates
July 28 2023
delays in online sales delivery

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), Colombia’s consumer protection authority, has recently imposed a hefty fine of USD 44,925.05 on one of the largest multinational department store chains for failing to meet the established and informed delivery times for consumer purchases.

During the 2020 VAT-free days, the company’s failure to comply with the promised delivery times infringed upon consumers’ rights, as outlined by the SIC. To safeguard buyers during these special sales events, the SIC had implemented mandatory guidelines to ensure the suitability, security, and quality of goods and services offered to the public.

While the company has the option to appeal the decision for reconsideration, the SIC’s ruling underscores the importance of properly managing commercial operations and promptly addressing customer requirements, especially given the surge in e-commerce transactions during such special dates.

Source in Spanish.