Colombia: Colciencias launches nationwide call to support patent application filings and IP management
OlarteMoure - Convocatoria Nacional - Colombia

On July 19, Colciencias launched a nationwide call to support patent application filings and intellectual property management, seeking to bolster activities related to the protection of inventions derived from research, development and innovation activities in all technology sectors that are subject to patent protection. Applicants may be individuals, micro, small, medium and large corporations, research centers and institutes and higher education institutions.

The nationwide call includes 3 approaches: i) national patent application, ii) international patent application (PCT international phase), and iii) international patent application before two designated offices (two national phases). The nationwide incentive is currently funded with COP 2.8 billion, and all applicants may submit an unlimited number of applications. However, a single invention may not follow two or more approaches.

In order to increase the odds that our clients and allies can tap into available funds, we at OlarteMoure wish to extend our support and specialized services during the application and selection process, in any of the three approaches.

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