Infographic | World water day

22 marzo, 2023
world water day
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This compound is not only necessary for the survival of humankind, society has found different ways to take advantage of this liquid for different uses.
Water filter systems
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Humans have found different ways of filtering water in order to be able to drink it safely.
The inventions have evolved from a cloth bag, ceramic filters, carbon filters, etc., perfecting each time the quality of the water as well as the practicality of the filters.
We can now enjoy filters directly connected to a water source (like the sink), created by John Tanner, David Emmons and Richard Riedel, patented in 2009.


Having a warm shower after a long day, or a short cold shower to wake yourself up in the morning is something we are capable of doing thanks to the shower invention.

The idea came from waterfall, used by the first humans on earth, then to ceramic jugs and pouring water on ourselves.
ceramic shower illustration

The first modern shower was created by William Feetham and patented in 1767.

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Humanity has also created a way in which water can be used as a source of energy.
We would like to mention four inventions of hydroelectric turbines.
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James Francis developed the first modern water turbine. It is still the most used in the world.
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Allan Pelton developed an impulse water turbine, patented in 1880.
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Viktor Kaplann developed a propeller-type turbine with adjustable blades.

Flush toilet

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Going to the bathroom is a necessity we’ve always had. The Romans had public toilets by 315AD and we had commodes during medieval times.
There is no clarity over who invented the modern flush toilet, however Thomas Crapper was hired by Prince Edward and created important inventions related to it.

We will always need water to survive. And as a society, we know we will continue to create innovative ideas to improve what we already have and create new uses for it.

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