Infographic | All-thanksgiving inventions and trademarks
November 23 2023
thanksgiving inventions
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What? Thanksgiving turkey is protected?
Well, not the actual turkey: but there are various tools and recipes to prepare it for Thanksgiving that are patented and/or have a trademark. Without them, Thanksgiving would feel less like the holiday it is today.

Although the protagonism of turkey isn’t very clear, it is the meal, by excellence, that has served various families, businesses and organizations to express gratitude. Today, we share with you some of different all-Thanksgiving-related inventions and trademarks.

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For Turkey

turkey flipper

The Turkey Flipper: A tool that doesn’t let the turkey dry and preserves its juices that make it a delicious, compact meat.

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For Turkey

turkey deboner

Turkey de-boner: Without removing the turkey’s outer skin, this device removes the turkey’s bones in a careful way so it can be stuffed smoothly, not affecting its final presentation.

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For Cranberry Sauce

Ocean Spray®: The classic trademark to prepare cranberry sauce. Its dried fruit and fruit-based sauces make up for a flawless Thanksgiving-turkey complement.

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For Celebration

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®: Finally, one of the most iconic events on this holiday. Live performance, balloons, music and floats take the streets of NYC.

happy thanksgiving