Proposal to amend colombian regulation
September 01 2023
data protection regulation

On August 9, 2023, a new bill was filed through which provisions are issued to amend the Colombian General Data Protection Regulation, guaranteeing the Habeas Data right. In this way, the bill seeks to fill a regulatory gap through the implementation of new concepts, rules, principles and scenarios of processing personal data, with the aim of creating a sturdy legal system. Likewise, the law project will provide the necessary tools to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce for the exercise of its functions as the data protection authority.

One of the most relevant novelties is the establishment of additional legal bases for the processing of personal data, which would give rise to the analysis of the legitimacy of the processing from new approaches. Additionally, the implementation of the figure of “anonymization” is highlighted, which is contemplated as a measure to be considered in specific scenarios to guarantee the right to privacy and intimacy of individuals. Other concepts developed are: “Data Blocking”, “Neuro-rights”, “Pseudonymization”, and “Tracking Technology”.