Misleading advertising practices by influencer
July 21 2023
misleading advertising practices
The Colombian authority in charge of protecting consumers has begun investigating companies associated with four well-known influencers due to alleged practices of disseminating incomplete information and misleading advertising.

This highlights the importance of both influencers and advertisers following the recommendations set out in the “Guide of Good Practices in Advertising through Influencers”, published in October 2020. Some of the most relevant recommendations are:

  • =Publications should provide clear, complete, truthful, transparent, timely, verifiable, understandable, accurate and suitable information about the products or services promoted.
  • =Consumers should be informed about any commercial link between the company and the influencer through the use of expressions such as "advertising" or "advertising content".
  • =Both the influencer and the advertiser should refrain from concealing the advertising nature of the message.
  • =Avoid presenting an advertising message as something natural and spontaneous that arises from personal experience.
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