Latin America: Latin American countries sign Letter on interests in leniency program to fight business cartels

On 28 November 2018, Competition Authorities of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru signed a letter in Paris stating the importance of using the Leniency program to detect, dismantle and punish business cartels.  The Leniency program has demonstrated to be the main legal tool for the detection and dismantling of cartels at an international level.

The decision to sign this letter was based on the need to dismantle cartels that are by nature secret and that have rules of confidentiality among their members.  Consequently, this makes it difficult to detect cartels.  The Leniency program has three elements: i) complete fine exoneration for the first leniency applicant, ii) confidentiality of the collaborator identity, iii) high transparency and predictability of competition authority decisions.

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