Ethical AI in digital transformation
July 21 2023
ethical AI
Peru has taken a significant leap forward with the enactment of Law No. 31814, a groundbreaking legislation aimed at promoting the responsible and ethical utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the country’s digital transformation journey.

The law’s primary objective is to drive research, development, and application of AI in critical sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture, transportation, and government. It establishes fundamental principles governing the use of AI in government activities, emphasizing ethics and privacy in data management.

With this milestone legislation, Peru sets the stage for the development and implementation of the National Digital Transformation Policy and the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy. These strategic initiatives will shape Peru’s approach to leveraging AI technologies and foster innovation in various sectors, ensuring responsible and ethical deployment of AI within the country’s digital landscape.

Peru’s commitment to promoting the ethical and responsible use of AI underscores its dedication to leveraging technology for societal advancement, emphasizing the need to prioritize ethics, privacy, and strategic deployment in the digital transformation process.

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