Deep tech start-ups
April 25 2023
deep tech startups
Winners of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit
Hello Tomorrow was created in 2011, and has since worked towards building a collaborative ecosystem that leverages the power of deep technologies to tackle world challenges. This is why it has built the largest and widest deep tech network and helps deep tech startups and corporations build new innovative solutions and grow stronger.

One of its flagship events is the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, an annual conference that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and other stakeholders from around the world to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in deep tech. The summit features panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops and also pitch sessions for deep tech startups.

The Summit provides an opportunity for innovative startups to gain exposure and access to a global network of investors, mentors and potential partners as Hello Tomorrow connects them with industry leaders.

Amongst the 70 startup finalist from this year’s Global Summit, the jury selected 11 projects with a strong sustainable impact, and today I would like to present briefly 5 of them:

number one


  • Won the 2023 Grand Prize and the “Energy” category supported by GTT.
  • From France.
  • The startup is developing a system based on bio-sourced membranes that allows for the first time ever to produce large-scale, permanent, 100% clean electricity from osmotic power.
  • Link.
number two


  • Won the second prize by X, the Moonshot Factory and the “Industrial Biotech & New Materials” category supported by Solvay.
  • From the United States of America.
  • The startup uses peptides and human metabolites to produce the world’s safest sunscreen, both for humans and for the environment.
  • Link.
number three


  • Won the third prize and the “Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals” category supported by Servier.
  • From France.
  • The startup is developing an emerging, more affordable and accessible class of blood cancer therapy, using CART – T cells.
  • Link.
number four


  • Won the special BCG prize and Orano’s “Unlocking the CO2 Circular Economy” category.
  • From Germany.
  • The startup is developing innovative plasma technologies for a profitable utilization of CO2 and emission reduction, by converting CO2 and a hydrogen source into sustainable chemicals and e-fuels in a single process step.
  • Link.
number four


  • Won the “Environment” category supported by L’Oréal and Elkem.
  • From the United States of America.
  • The startup is decarbonizing the chemical industry by using photosynthesis-inspired technology to produce low-carbon chemicals.
  • Link.

I believe all of these deep tech startups are a proof of passion, creativity, innovation and hard work. The world needs more groundbreaking solutions to tackle the complex challenges we face, and these startups and working in developing them. Their dedication to advancing technologies and pushing boundaries is crucial to making a meaningful impact on society and the planet.

I am excited to see how these startups develop further, and to continue to amaze myself with new startups which with no doubt will keep pushing boundaries, taking risks and exploring new ideas that will make great strides in the field of deep tech.

At OlarteMoure, we believe that these types of startups can be a source of inspiration for scientific teams and entrepreneurs in LATAM, and we are determined to support these initiatives. Feel free to contact us if you are working on any project based in science to solve challenging problems for society.

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Juan David Martinez

Juan D. Martínez

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