Court holiday break
December 12 2022
court holiday break
Colombia’s judicial branch holiday season will start 20 December 2022, and run through 10 January 2023, suspending all judicial terms as a result. It must be noted that said recess applies as the general rule; yet, its one exception is the action expiration term, which may only be suspended by requesting extrajudicial conciliation, as stated by the Colombian Council of State.

In light of the foregoing, Colombia’s Corporate Oversight issued Resolution No. 18954, acknowledging the holiday stretch and declaring the suspension of judicial terms starting 20 December 2022 through 10 January 2023, and stating that during said period, all services would be closed to the public at the Judicial Support Group in Bogota, as well as all regional branches.

Likewise, the Center of Arbitration of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce mirrored the above starting 21 December 2022 until 6 January 2023, establishing that during the holiday period, all hearings or proceedings concerning domestic arbitration and conciliation will be held virtually unless authorized by the tribunal or mediator. All administrative services related to the Center of Conciliation and Arbitration will continue virtually.

Original source in Spanish.