Competitive edge in public procurement
July 28 2023
competitive edge

In Colombia, the Sole Registry of Bidders (RUP) plays a crucial role in recording legal, financial, and technical information of entities and individuals interested in participating in public procurement processes. Recent confirmation from the Superintendence of Companies and Colombia Compra Eficiente (CCE), the entity overseeing public contracting, sheds light on an exciting opportunity for companies engaged in mergers, spin-offs, and transformation processes.

The CCE has acknowledged that companies involved in these strategic moves can now acquire and transfer valuable experience, paving the way for enhanced profiles when bidding for public contracts. What sets this advantage apart is the autonomy given to each State Entity to establish its accreditation rules for experience in bidding documents.

This development not only empowers businesses to navigate public procurement processes more effectively but also emphasizes the significant role mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs play in fostering competitiveness in Colombia’s market. As companies seize this opportunity, it could lead to an exciting new era of innovation and growth in the realm of public contracting.

Original source in Spanish.