Colombia: SIC hits Uber for obstructing administrative visit

OlarteMoure - Visita Administrativa - Colombia

The Colombian unfair competition and antitrust authority (SIC) sanctioned Uber Colombia with COP 2.1 billion, for obstructing an administrative visit at the company’s facilities, as well as for the breach of orders and instructions issued by the same authority.

Specifically, the reprehensible conduct evidenced by SIC entailed: i) company policy dictates employees are instructed on how they should behave in this type of visit, given there are guidelines not to share requested information, and to deny access to computers; ii) the company’s attitude was dismissive regarding the requirements of the authority; iii) access to electronic documents and files was blocked; and, iv) the company obstructed the delivery of different corporate documents despite being in its possession.

At the same time, the SIC sanctioned three company officers for collaborating in the obstruction of the administrative visit and for breaching orders issued by the authority, given they presented evasive and incomplete statements regarding their position and duties in the company, as well as about their knowledge of the corporate structure.

This sanction is not yet final given an administrative appeal for reconsideration is still pending before the SIC.