IAM Patent Colombia

A 45-strong IP team – unrivalled in scope on the Colombian patent scene – combined with a dedicated drafting department allows OlarteMoure to offer a truly comprehensive service. The firm provides every client with a single point of contact who can advise and recommend the best course of action, effectively utilising the knowledge and intelligence provided by its highly capable technical experts. “Renowned in the prosecution and enforcement of pharmaceutical patents”, OlarteMoure acts as a hub for international clients – capably coordinating the regional filing strategies for various high-profile portfolios, including those of Novartis, Pfizer and Merck – and is a stalwart champion for its local following through a vast network of foreign associates. The firm rolls out the red carpet to clients in the IT sector; its services in the field are so comprehensive that it recently spun-out to form independent consultancy KONEKTIUM. In litigious work, it reigns supreme; it adroitly defended domestic concrete producer CEMEX in infringement proceedings over a patent relating to an autonomous vehicle for concrete preparation. For Novartis, it successfully blocked the imposition of a compulsory licence in proceedings brought against the multinational by Colombia’s Ministry of Health, a case that has had repercussions across the continent. “A reference point in the patent world, Carlos Olarte is a pioneer. When no one in Colombia understood patents, he was the first professional in the field who truly grasped their importance to pharmaceutical clients. His expertise and influence in the field cannot be overstated.” He is a “mentor” to his peers, one of whom confesses: “Everything that I have learned, I learned from him.” Alongside Olarte, Alexander Agudelo stands out; working either as a duo with Olarte or independently, he is in high demand – particularly among Colombia’s thriving research scene. On behalf of a number of local universities, Agudelo has successfully prosecuted patent applications for inventions in the chemical, electronics and life sciences sectors across the region as well as in the United States.