Unfair competition ruling
June 09 2023
unfair competitio ruling
In a significant verdict, the 1st Civil Court of Valdivia has ruled in favor of the Chilean dairy industry, delivering a strong blow to The Not Company. The court found the company guilty of unfair competition, as it had been exploiting the reputation of others, misleading consumers, and disseminating incorrect or false information about its products. Consequently, the court has imposed three crucial restrictions on NotCo.

Firstly, NotCo is prohibited from using the NotMilk trademark, preventing the company from further capitalizing on its association with dairy products. Secondly, the court has explicitly forbidden the use of altered or modified trademarks and images related to the dairy industry, ensuring that NotCo cannot mislead consumers through deceptive branding. Lastly, the company is denied permission to make any direct or indirect comparisons or references to milk, safeguarding the integrity of the dairy industry.

This groundbreaking ruling marks a significant triumph for the Milk Producers Association. Simultaneously, it represents a substantial setback for The Not Company in Chile, signaling the consequences of unfair practices.

The case will now be referred to the country’s National Economic Prosecutor, underscoring the severity of the company’s actions and the potential wider implications.