Infographic | Trademarks in outer space

28 February, 2023
trademarks in outer space
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As we humans push the boundaries of exploration and commerce in outer space, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations that govern the use of trademarks in this new frontier.

This infographic will provide a quick overview of the current state of trademark protection in outer space.

Special thanks to the leader in the subject Mr. Clark Lackert, a trademark expert who has explored the subject for quite some time and spoke about it during the last INTA Annual leadership conference in Miami.

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What is a trademark?

There is no universal definition of a trademark, which comes as a first obstacle when attempting to unify a treaty or law on the matter for the Outer Space.


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In most of the countries a trademark is a symbol, word, or phrase that identifies and distinguishes a brand from others in the market. Trademarks are used to protect intellectual property and prevent confusion among consumers.

Requirements for its protection vary from needing graphic representation and being perceptible, to just being perceptible and distinctive.

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Who Regulates Trademarks in Outer Space?

There is currently no specific agency or treaty that governs trademarks in Outer Space.

Trademarks in
Outer Space

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The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is responsible for overseeing international space law, but they do not have specific jurisdiction over trademarks.

Additionally, there are no specific boundaries agreed between countries in newly colonized spaces.

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How Do Trademarks Apply in Outer Space?

Currently there is use of trademarks in satellite and other particular projects such as SpaceX.
The protection of trademarks in Outer Space is governed by national and international trademark laws, as well as the terms of any agreements between participating countries.

For example, the US and other countries recognize the protection of trademarks on earth as extending to space, while others may have different interpretations.

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Challenges in Protecting Trademarks in Outer Space

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One of the main challenges in protecting trademarks in Outer Space is the lack of a clear legal framework.
The issue of enforcement is also a challenge, as it can be difficult to police the use of trademarks in a remote and largely ungoverned environment.

Future of Trademarks
in Outer Space

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It is very likely that the protection will depend on what country or private company lands first in the Outer Space.
We are experiencing times like those in which colonies in America where initially created. Apart from keeping up with developments, small countries should be pushing right now for general treaties to protect those not exploring the Space due to lack of resources.
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This is the time to prevent
unfairness in the future.

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