Toblerone alters packaging
December 11 2023
toblerone alters packaging
mountain icon

Many brands use mountains in their logos or within their designs. Some are generic representations of mountains, like Evian water and Matiz coffee but others are based on real ones.

Some examples are:
  • AParamount with the Ben Lomond Mountain.
  • APatagonia with the Monte Fitz Roy.
  • AAnd of course, Toblerone with the Matterhorn.

We all know and recognize Toblerone with the image of the Matterhorn, both on its logo and on the shape of the chocolate bar.

However, did you know that Toblerone is to remove the Matterhorn peak from its packaging as some of the chocolate’s production is moved from Switzerland to Slovakia?

Switzerland does not allow commercial products that are not manufactured in the country to carry icons such as the national flag and the Matterhorn.
As a result, Mondelez stated that the image of the mountain will be replaced by a more generic one, as well as changing their slogan from “made in Switzerland” to “established in Switzerland”.

It’s important to consider that brands can encounter restrictions at the time of using certain mountains or other iconic real places as logos.

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