Guidelines on targeted digital advertising
digital advertising

In recent days, the “Coalition of Privacy Self-Regulatory Organizations”, an NGO led by different international associations in the advertising industry, launched a series of guidelines and technical specifications aimed at simplifying and improving users’ experience regarding the management of privacy on websites and platforms. It particularly targeted advertising in electronic media.

Among these guidelines, some of the most important measures include increasing transparency in the use of users’ personal data for targeted advertising, using digital tools to provide users with privacy controls, and making identifiable icons available for users to clarify their advertising preferences (such as, for example, the “AdChoices” symbol).

These practices show the growing interest of industries in implementing privacy-focused guidelines to address the legal gaps left by privacy and data protection regulations, particularly in the case of new technologies. For Colombian companies, this is of great importance to the extent that these guidelines, although not mandatory, set “best practices” that will be adopted by the most important global entities involved in digital advertising, and their adoption may become an important factor when establishing relationships with them.