Páramo presenta joins Live Nation
July 21 2023
paramo presenta
Colombian event production company Páramo Presenta has made a groundbreaking announcement of its incorporation into Live Nation Entertainment, a global entertainment powerhouse. This landmark agreement signifies a significant milestone for Colombia’s entertainment industry, highlighting its growth and global relevance. Páramo Presenta has garnered acclaim for organizing successful music festivals like Estéreo Picnic, Baum Fest, and Knotfest.

The acquisition not only strengthens Páramo’s financial capabilities but also unlocks opportunities to develop larger and more ambitious events with enhanced planning and strategic alliances. This move positions Colombia as a prominent hub for hosting events in Latin America, poised to compete more closely with markets like Argentina and Brazil. Additionally, the exclusive ticket sales for these events will be facilitated through E-ticket, a company that had previously collaborated with Ocesa Colombia before its integration into Live Nation in 2021.

Páramo’s partnership with Live Nation exemplifies the potential and opportunities available in the Colombian market for investment in the creative and entertainment sectors. It sets an inspiring example for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter this industry and reinforces the bright future awaiting the entertainment landscape in the country.

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