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4 May, 2023
may the 4th
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Star Wars is one of the most iconic and beloved franchises in the entertainment industry. Since its debut, it has captured the love and imaginations of millions of fans, and inspired multiple filmmakers, writers and creators.

Today we celebrate the importance of Star Wars as a cultural landmark by talking about the success in the protection of their Intellectual Property.

The Star Wars
franchise design

Design patents allow creators to maintain control of their work and monetize it effectively. The Star Wars franchise portfolio include characters, objects, robots, vehicles, both in CGI versions, toy versions, etc., with a total of more than 200 design patents. It’s impressive!

Here we share some examples:

USD 277,212
Jan 15,1985

star wars patent
star wars patent 2

Salacious Crumb

USD 266,777
Nov 2, 1982

star wars patent 3
star wars patent 4


USD 280,999
Oct 15, 1985

star wars patent 5
star wars patent 6

Ewok Family Hut

USD 265,754
Aug 10, 1982

star wars patent 7
star wars patent 8


USD 254,080
Jan 29, 1980

star wars patent 9
star wars patent 10


USD 254,081
Jan 29, 1980

star wars patent 11

TIE Fighter

With more Star Wars spin-offs, sequels, and re-releases in the works, it is clear that the franchise will continue to grow further their patent portfolio.

may the 4th be with you