Ethics Line

In accordance with our Transparency and Business Ethics Program, OlarteMoure makes available to its employees, and third parties when appropriate, this communication mechanism called Ethics Line designed to report illegal, unethical, or simply inappropriate conduct related to fraud, bad practices, corruption, money laundering or any other irregular situation. 

 The use of this channel is voluntary, and the information contained therein remains anonymous and confidential. Each case received for investigation offers a guarantee of confidentiality from beginning to end. 

Please provide as many details as possible below, such as:

  • Situation you wish to report.
  • Date (exact or approximate).
  • Place (or provide the virtual media, if applicable).
  • People involved.
  • Witnesses.
  • Time during which you think it has occurred.

The Ethics Line program is designed in such a way that the identity of those who participate in it will always remain protected; however, if you want to be contacted to expand the information you are reporting, please provide a phone number or email address through which you can be contacted. Remember that the more information you provide, the easier it is to review the case. 

Important Note: The personal data provided through this mechanism will be used only to manage the situation reported.

    Attach evidence in PDF, JPG, PTTX or Word files (Maximum 2 MB).