Facebook to pay for improper processing of personal data
August 25 2023
facebook to pay for improper data processin
After the Cambridge Analytics case, in which Facebook (now Meta) was accused of improper processing of personal data, which would entail the profiling and delivery of personal information of its users to third parties, the company faced a series of class action lawsuits that would result in a settlement involving the payment of USD 765 million. In this way, people in the United States who have had a Facebook account during the last 16 years can be part of the group that would claim compensation until August 25.

Thus, it can be seen how the improper processing of personal data is not only reproached by state authorities that seek the protection of privacy, through investigations and administrative sanctions, but also the development of judicial, constitutional and group actions. These could result in the disbursement of large sums of money to protect the damages caused to the owners of personal information.