Infographic | Direct filings in Venezuela and Argentina
August 08 2023
direct filings
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Ever faced a direct filing both in Venezuela and Argentina using two agents and requiring a Spanish version of the foreign filing text?

You know you’re running against time, trying to come up with the final text, trying to cram as much subject-matter from those priority claims all into one place.


The Argentina agent says you can file in English (except for the title and abstract), but you know you’ll be subject to hefty sworn translation costs when submitting the spanish version post-filing.


Venezuela does not allow filings in English. This can be challenging, trying to come up with decent “augmented” machine translations when coming down to the wire.

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Try juggling all this with your US-based translation provider, and you will probably face exponential rush fees, to say the least.
At OlarteMoure, we live this situation day in and day out.
We understand how
last-minute drafting can be.
Our translation project managers work closely with seasoned paralegals to get that filing in time and provide our clients with that very filing number and date they expect.
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We will get a quality translation product out in time for filing, and make sure every change is made in text and in any figures/drawings.
You can rest assured our diverse time-zone linguist teams and project managers have the necessary skills and tools to process bulky applications bulky applications within seemingly unattainable turnarounds.
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When these projects come your way, do not hesitate reaching out to us
We’ll make sure the impossible seems possible.

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